I don’t consider myself a journalist – not at this point, anyway.  I have always striven to be an ethical person, though, and I believe that means that you, the audience, are owed a few guarantees and a healthy heaping of respect and gratitude.  You could be reading anyone else’s blog, but you’re reading mine, and that deserves something.  I promise y’all this:

  • If I have been offered any consideration at all – a freebie, money, whatever – for content, I will tell you up front.  By the time you get to the end of paragraph one, you’ll know all the sordid details.
  • I won’t compromise my voice or my integrity by allowing a third party to influence any review I write.  If it sucked, it sucked and I’ll tell you how deep of a hole I buried the whateverthehellitwas in.  If it was awesome, it was awesome and you should go there/do that/use it on your honeymoon and every vacation you ever take ever again.
  • I’ll only review stuff that I think the good folks who read this blog will give a damn about.  I don’t care how nifty the XYZ Tea Cozee is, I’m not writing about it.  Unless it weighs .25 oz and can flash boil putrid pond scum into clear water for making a nice cup of tea in under three minutes because after a day of hiking, that sounds nice.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  I think it sounds lovely.

So, if you’ve read all that and have something you’d like me to talk about on this blog, and you’re thick-skinned enough to handle me being completely blunt, send me an email.