(c) Youtube, obviously - What are some good channels to start watching for full-time RVing?

(c) Youtube, obviously – What are some good channels to start watching for full-time RVing?

What does a wannabe RV travel blogger who lives in a sticks and bricks house most of the time do when they’re not traveling?  Read about it and watch YouTube videos, of course!

Over the last… coming up on 2 years… we’ve found a few favorites.  I can’t pick one over any of the others, so they’re not listed in any particular order.

RV Geeks

The RV Geeks focus their channel on RV repairs, modifications and upgrades, making them one of the most informative RV channels on Youtube.  Any time we want to know how something is done, we look to their channel first.  They also share their well-thought-out reviews about useful RV products.

The RV Geeks on Youtube

The RV Geeks blog

Gone with the Wynns

The Wynns have to be one of the  most interesting couples making travel videos.  They show a lot of their destinations, but they also give some good advice for anyone whose travel plans include taking their house with them wherever they go.  I phrased it that way because since mid-2016 the Wynns have been living on a catamaran and sailing the Bahamas.  Before the catamaran, though, they traveled the US in an RV.

Gone with the Wynns on Youtube

Gone with the Wynns blog


Technomadia’s channel bears a lot in common with the RV Geeks.  In fact, between the RV Geeks, Gone with the Wynns, and Technomadia, you’ll find several collaboration videos.  Like the Wynns, Technomadia have recently added full-time sailing to their skillset.  This couple focuses more on communications technology, however, they have several FAQ videos where they talk about RV life in general, and offer advice about non-technological subjects.

Technomadia on Youtube


Technomadia blog

Less Junk < More Journey

Imagine RVing around the US full-time, with a toddler.  One of the things I like the most about this channel is that when you watch their videos from the beginning, you end up watching the most adorable little girl grow and learn.   I’ve watched television series with less character development than this Youtube channel.  Her parents are an entertaining and endearing couple to watch, too!

I really wish the two of us could have done this when our daughter was a toddler.

Less Junk < More Journey on Youtube

Less Junk < More Journey blog

The Freedom Theory

The Freedom Theory are a young couple (who recently, as of August 2017, announced that baby will be making three!), so a lot of their channel is about the challenges of working and living on the road.  If you enjoy a good combination of RV hacks, RV decorating, travelogues, and how to deal with life’s inevitable curve-balls while living in an RV, they’re an excellent couple to watch.  Oh, and they have the most adorable pomeranian pup!

The Freedom Theory on Youtube

The Freedom Theory blog

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