Our Viking RV at night in the woods

Night at Huntsville State Park

In short, we had our second RV trip scheduled, but decided to cancel it.  For reasons. If you want to read about our first RV trip, click here.

We intended to camp at Cooper Lake State Park the night before I was to graduate from college (I went on the 26-year plan).  We got almost everything taken care of.  The sway control system still needed installation, but we could have knocked that out before the big trip.

Here’s why we canceled.  College graduation is kinda a big deal.  I was already stressing over finals, getting where I needed to be, and oh my gawd how many times do I have to steam this gown to get the wrinkles out?  That kind of thing.  At about 5 days before graduation, the weather folks said that the area would see severe weather the night before graduation.  Right when I’d be stressing and trying to manage getting a good night’s sleep in the camper, and… yeah.  We didn’t need to deal with tornadoes and floods, in a camper, the night before graduation.

So, we let Cooper Lake State Park keep our reservation fee (we call it a donation) because we didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of changing our reservation.  I got us a room at the Best Western in Greenville that night, instead.  The hotel was great.  We all slept well.  I’ve definitely eaten worse continental breakfasts (in a small town, hot food on the buffet impressed me).

If you’re going to Greenville, just be prepared – the water is very hard.  Like, if someone takes a bath, you can smell the iron from the bedroom.

As for the rest of the weekend, it was lovely.  We found our way around the TAMUC campus without incident, and the weather was lovely all weekend long.

Better safe than sorry.

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